Sunday, October 16, 2011

Post Holes and Fishing Poles

Today I spent the afternoon trying to find a spot to fish on Big Sand Lake here in Orlando. I Google mapped it and ended up parking at a doctors office and walking around the shore trying to find an open spot to throw some bugs. I ended up finding a storm drain to stand on which was about as far into the marsh grass as I could get without waders. (Note to self: buy waders) Not much luck today and I was trying to test out a few new buggers I tied up. 15-20 mph winds don't help to turn over the line either. Hopefully these little guys will catch some bass or something back home. Some small 4-6" fish tailed em but they were too small to try and take a meal that size. The bigger fish just weren't where I was today.

Found a good video of a kid hiking the JMT in California. Good quality video and it shows the ins and outs of doing a trip like that.

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Ru said...

I want you to get waders and wear them all the time please! My cute fisherman bringin home supper! Can't wait til your home