Thursday, June 7, 2012

Captains, Mcafees and the Tooth

From Pearisburg we had planned to make a few miles and call it a day. As we were getting ready to walk out the hotel room and random truck pulls up with a few good old' boys and asks if we're going to the captains party. We had heard of the party but were 21 trail miles away and didn't feel like doing that kind of day. They said to hop in the back and they'd give us a lift, after all they were just his neighbors on a beer run for all the hikers at the party. Without hesitation we jumped in and were off. They party was a blast. Free burger and hot dogs. Plenty of beverages, games and people to talk to. I even got a little bit of fishin in on the creek. (no luck)

The next day "Santas Helper" shuttled is back for a slackpack to the captains. 21 miles went down in just over 7 hours. Since then it's gotten cool and we've had a few good knobs and views on the trail. The dragons tooth, and Mcafees knob most memorably. We had a nice sunset on Kelly knob and it's only getting better.

I went to bed last night cold and the only thing that saved me was some handwarmers that someone had left in the shelter. I got up and out early and made the 1/2 mike walk on the edge of Tinker Cliffs. The sun was high and the clouds had just lifted from the valley by the time I got there. I walked as fast as I could to town for a short R&R. I'm sitting at a BBQ enjoying some tea and AC. A few hours here off my feet and I'll be back on trail for a few miles tonight.

I have less than 2 weeks on trail them I'll be in the manassas area for a few days with my girlfriend.

Enjoy the views...


Brandon said...

What was in the jar?

Stephen O. said...

Apple pie moonshine! Love the mountain living