Friday, June 29, 2012

Halfway and Hot...

I'm still not sure if taking off 6 days was a good or bad idea. Mentally it was great. Physically, my feet got
Soft. I'm 3 days back in trail and I REaCHeD THe 1/2 Way POINt!!! Well not mathematically, but they say Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is the mental 1/2 way mark. I came here a long time ago and it is a really cool
Little town with lots of cool shops and such. I went to the ATC HQ and registered as a thru-hiker (#730 I believe) and looked at all the cool stuff they had about the trail. Someone have us a watermelon and gatorades and I cant think of a better day for that. To finally be done with Virginia and its 540 miles of trail is a good feeling and I'm looking forward to start checking off states with more frequency.

Secondly, it's hot. I'm sitting and having a burger here at a historic lodge and tavern and it feels like 107 degrees outside. That is ridiculous. Last night was the first night I was sweating when I went to sleep and woke up completely dehydrated. I see lots of night hiking in my future.

Miles done: 1,017
Miles to go: Lots

I'm hoping for some cooler weather and lots more states. Hope the PA rocks don't kill me.

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