Tuesday, September 18, 2012


2,184.2 miles
Georgia --> Maine
154 days


Brandon said...

Congrats! I've enjoyed reading and keeping up with your trip this summer.

Donita Palmer (shadygirl) said...

Congratulations Stephen! I've been following your journey also and have been amazed at the pictures. Absolutely beautiful! I also have loved seeing how the people living along the way have helped! I would so love to do that and meet the hikers and hear their stories and feel part of their journeys! Thanks so much for sharing with us on BPA. Hope to meet you someday on the trail. Again, Congratulations!

Ryan Linn said...

Congrats, bro. I've been following your trip since our meeting in southern Vermont. I'm so glad you had such a good experience. I hope whatever comes next is just as wonderful. Happy trails!

Stephen O. said...

thanks to anyone and everyone who followed. it was surely a trip of a lifetime and not the last one. i think i got the bug : )