Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Scattered AT Pictures from the GoPro...

I've been going through the pictures form my GoPro to compile a slideshow. Lots of cool pics and these are some.

High Point of Connecticut in a driving rain

Bowser and Banjo crossing a stream somewhere in the 100 Mile Wilderness

Our camp for the night on top of Mt. Garfeild in the White Mountains. It was windy as hell this night and cold, but the stars were incredible.

Water rises quickly after a storm.

Justin on Charlie's Bunion in the Smokies

Max's patch in North Carolina

Siler's Bald 

Thats a long way.


Daywalkers on Charlie's Bunion. Not a bad lunch spot.

Trailside nap in the Smokies.

Trail Magic


Xango overlooking Maine near Moody Mtn.

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