Monday, October 22, 2012

Tenkara Fishing on the Atchafalaya Basin...

It had been too long since I went fishing and with the cooler weather coming and me going back to work soon, it is time. Sunday Matt and I went fishing on the basin hoping to target some Sacalait or some bass. No paddlecraft this trip though, we zipped around in Matt's dads boat so we could cover lots of ground and I can learn some of the spots I had never been.

Fishing was slow because the water was pretty stagnant and low. We covered many miles in the boat and almost everyone we ran across was skunked. We did not come home completely empty handed though, we ducked back into the Butte La Rose canal and fished a small structure in about 4 feet of water. Matt pulled in the biggest Sacalait either of us had ever had on a line. 13" and 1lb 5oz. We fished the same spot and got nothing so we came back later and after giving up and starting to break down my rod I pulled in a good size bag of milk. They were being picky or we just caught what was there. I caught mine on the red/yellow Fluff Butt (bottom left) that was weighted. I always fish those on sundays because it's my way of rooting for the Redskins when i'm away from the tv. I got a small gar on the line later that day but we shook that trash off. The rest of the day was exactly what we said it would be. Gators and gar. When the water is low, that's what you get.

 We didn't fill a cooler but I learned a lot of new spots and tried a few new things. It's another step towards converting more and more people to catching fish on a fly. Hopefully in the coming weeks we'll get on some more schools of these bad boys and pull in some dinners.

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