Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chicot and Cypremort Point

A quick overnight hike friday night led Ruthie and I to Lake Chicot. We hiked 5 miles and camped out for a night on the swamp. The mosquitoes are still out and so are the TICKS!! I thought tick season was over months ago but I forget this is South Louisiana. We hiked, ate, saw some wildlife, caught a shooting star and slept in a new tent then turned around the next morning. Reminded me that not every trip has to be a big production, just grab your gear and get out for a night. 
Who needs a tent?
Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo is a new favorite 2p tent
Nothing Better
Ruthie enjoying a VIA and a comfy chair
Sunday brought me to the marshes. Cypremort Point State Park to be exact. Our mission was to fish the marshes and get my feet wet in some saltwater fishing. Besides offshore fishing while I was at work I had never fished saltwater. It was all unfamiliar territory for me. We were on the water before 7am and the wind was blowing, hard. It only got worse throughout the morning with the oncoming cold front and after puddling around the marsh catching nothing, we ventured out into open water. We were completely exposed to the wind and seas at this point and we were all getting thrown around in the 1' chop. Matt ended up pulling in 3 really nice sized Specks, but Nick and I went fishless. My anchor system wouldn't hold me on location and my fly rods were not what the doctor ordered for the conditions. 

Regardless we had a good day and it's always better to get outdoors then stay in and be a bum. Next trip to the marsh I will carry a bait caster with a rattler and try my Tenkara rods again. I learned a bit about saltwater fishing and feel much better about it next time I return to the marsh. 
Them Speckled Trouts

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