Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Hot Lipped Gurgler...

So I have been looking to tie new saltwater patterns both wet and dry. My box has a few clousers, merkins and the like but doesn't cover the surface flies. I tied up some small gurglers for bass using the numerous recipes you can find online. When someone suggested the "hot lip" gurgler, I had trouble finding a good recipe.
That's the fun of tying though, trying a few things and thinking through a new pattern. this is my version of the "hot lipped" gurgler. You could always add some saddle hackle around the body and some "arms" toward the head but I was using the materials I had on another rainy day here in south louisiana. Weather looks good for this weekend though so we'll see if the redfish will eat it.

Hook: Mustad 34007 1/0
Thread: 140 Ultra Thread White
Flash: Chartruese Krystal Flash
Tail: White Marabou Large
Body: Chartreuse Wooly Bugger Chenille Medium and Yellow/Green 3mm Craft Foam

Start Thread

Tie in a pinch of krystal flash
 Tie in a large plume of marabou
Cut bottom lip piece to something like this. Leave enough lip up front to tie in and make a cup so to speak. The skinny body doesn't have to be pretty, it's gonna be covered up anyways.
 Flip the hook and tie the bottom lip in. Make sure the front of the lip lines up where you want it near the eye of the hook.
This will be your top body and lip. I like to taper the body to get a nice secure tie down and the "bendover" back in the next step.
Tie in your top body facing backwards.
Tie in your chenille.
Bring your thread to the front of the shank and tie off the bottom lip. You can go over or under the body on this. It doesn't matter, but if you leave it unwrapped it will give you a fuller looking body for the chenille to wrap around.
 Wrap your chenille towards the eye and tie off where the bottom lip is. Trim the end
Fold your top lip over everything and tie off. Whip finish a few times and trim the lips to the desired length. 
Alternate colors.
All in all i'm pretty happy with them. I hope to present them to a redfish here real soon. My next incarnation of them will have a rougher chenille body, maybe dubbed up or wrapped in saddle hackle. We'll just have to see what the fish say...

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