Monday, June 3, 2013

PAC and A Storm...

It's no secret that Point Aux Chene is the perfect place for a kayak. After fishing so hard on Big Lake and coming up with kibble, I put together a crew of friends to make the drive east. We had a rookie amongst us and a friend of mine who wanted to slime up a kayak for the first time. My last few trips here i'd found a ton of reds northeast of the marina. We made a b-line for the area right from the get go while some buddies and other friends from the club chose to stay close and fish for trout. The water was high, higher than i'd ever seen before and the tide was already falling on the way out. The water got cleaner and cleaner the deeper we paddled across the bay and by the time we made our spot the water was almost perfect. The weather was not.
In case you haven't noticed it's summertime here in Louisiana, maybe not officially but the heat is on for sure. That means that there's a 50% chance of rain every afternoon from here on out. I casually mentioned to my buddies that there was a chance of rain in the afternoon, but didn't think much of it. A few clouds and some passing walls came and went and we fished on. Around 10 o'clock the winds had shifted and I blissfully ignored the wall of ominous clouds coming our way. I had hooked my first fish and was trying to untangle him form my anchor line when the winds tripled and the rain started falling.

The situation turned pretty nasty in a heartbeat and the wind was whipping 20+ mph and all three of us were atleast a mile away form the launch. Stuck. I put up the umbrella and used it like a wall and sat beside it for near an hour tucked up against a bank waiting out the storm. I didn't know where my buddies were but knew only one of them had a rain jacket. Trent was loving it and kept fishing during the storm like a madman. Gavin went into survival mode and after shivering in the rain he got into the marsh up to his chin and had the seat of his Big Tuna over his head. The pictures would have been priceless. Thankfully the storm passed and after being completely soaked and alive, we were charged up for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately for some friends and club members the rain drove them away too early. I was not sure what the storm was going to do to the fishing but the weather was getting better all the time. The water was still clear and the reds and sheepshead were still out and about so we went back to fishing. We were rewarded for our idiocy of staying out in the storm with some beautiful fish and conditions until sundown. The bite wasn't hot or cold during the day, but they did bite. The reds liked gold spoons and white plastics and I even got a sheepshead to eat a VUDU shrimp (Note to self, the hookset on a sheepshead will bend a vudu's hook).
Everyone caught fish. I had a limit, Trent had a few with his personal best at 28.5" and Gavin was spoiled on his first trip with four reds and a trout. I'd like to say it was because of my expert guiding and expertise, but it's because Point Aux Chene is one of the best fisheries around. Do yourself a favor and go there. Just be sure to tell me so I can come along.

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