Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dog Days Redfish...

It was just one of those days straight from the get go. After a month at work I was looking forward to getting back to the marsh and see what the fish were doing. The first bump in the road came when driving to Hackberry. A piece of tire debris from the road came up and hit one of my rods on my trailer and knocked it out of its holder. I noticed it a few minutes later while the rod was hanging by the line tangled up around another of my rods. It was dark and I'd guess I drug it over a mile or so before pulling over and untangling it from the tire scraps. At 75 mph I was surprised the 15 lb. mono hung on at all. The butt of the rod was ground down like it was on a bench grinder and the top of the reel was a bit banged up. Add on a tweaked handle but otherwise fishable. It was just going to be one of those days.
Hiccups aside we put in near Black Lake and planned to fish a loop around the area we explored last time we were here. Being the middle of the hottest portion of the year, I welcomed the 8-10 mph breeze  the pressure front brought us. The water was stained and we had no luck for a few hours throwing darker colored plastics. We found a nice section of marsh with some nice points and came up on a red crashing on some small pogies. Alden got the first hit on him and the fish broke off and ran away with his rat-l trap.
Not long after switching colors I got my only bite of the day. A pretty redfish that was hanging out in a pocket in some still, dirty water. He ate a sparkle queen cocahoe while blindcasting around. The rest of the day was more or less a wash. A few redfish were hanging around some oyster beds but didn't want to eat. The day was getting hotter and the wind stronger. The fish went elsewhere for the afternoon. We did what we came to do but it would have been nice to put a few more fish in the boat. I'm headed back to work for a few more weeks so hopefully the august doldrums will be gone by the time I get back. Don't think i've ever been this ready for fall to come around. 
"Kayaks?! Might as well go hug a tree or something"

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