Monday, September 16, 2013

A Year Since Katahdin...

One year ago today I was scrambling up the final climb of the Appalachian Trail towards the peak of Mount Katahdin. The mountain was an almost mythical existence for 5 months of my life. The pictures of the climb bring me right back to that cool morning and the intensity of that day. One of those days in my life I can never forget.

Seems like every time I sit down and try to write about the trail, it gets more and more difficult to convey how it felt to be there. It's hard to express in a few short sentences the feeling of seeing the mountain on the horizon from the summit of Whitecap Mountain. Getting closer and closer with every step through the 100 mile wilderness. Peaking through the trees on the rainbow ledges. Staring in awe and confusion from the Abol bridge and thinking "did I just really walk here from Georgia?". So after deleting every sentence I could think of for half an hour I just started over and put up a few pictures that remind me of the most incredible time in my life. The AT, Katahdin, hiker friends and everything that went with it. With every day that I think about the trail I can hear it calling me back. Don't you worry good buddy, I plan on paying you a visit next spring.