Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sweatfest at PAC...

It had been awhile since heading east of town to get into the marsh. Point Aux Chene had been calling me and my sleep deprived brain back for awhile. One day late to try and catch some specks for the STAR it was all reds on the brain. My freezer needed some restocking as it was anyways.
So we started fishing some newer areas but ended up migrating towards more known areas by lunch. I think Catch Cormier is right, i'm ready for sweatfest 2013 to be over. It's just plain old hot. So I was banking on catching fish early and then again late. Luck had it that the bite went on most of the day. The water was decent for sightfishing on leeward shores but not a ton of fish out. A few small reds were tagged and released in the morning. I finally found a few grocery fish on the edges of the bays near deeper water. Figure they were staged there to run a little deeper in the heat of the day. Once that piece of the puzzle was put together it was on for an hour or so. A few fish in the cooler then it slowed down for a bit.
After a nap we were back in familiar territory for the rest of the day and the patterns were like usual. Fish holding to the banks and chewing up properly casted Matrix Shads. The fish were being a bit picky and spooky today though. Probably because of the low winds and glassy water for most of the day. 
Ended the day with a limit of reds, a puppy drum and a handful of rascals thrown back for next year.  I got to test some new stuff out and one i'm particularly psyched on is the new Yak Attack Zooka Tube. I never really cared for the RAM holder that comes with the cuda so i changed it out with this. And yes it's sweet. Will be even sweeter on the deck of my Revo 13!! 

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