Friday, December 20, 2013

The North Winds...

Catching those warm days in winter and chasing redfish has been a good time. Duck hunting has been great, duck killing has been another story. They way I see it is i'm getting all my bad days out of they way up front and paying dues to the duck gods. Be careful of those north winds. What once was healthy marsh and cruising redfish is nothing but gator-tail tracks and mud. You can tell winter is here when the kayaks are having a hard time finding enough water to float in. The good news, any shallow water you find is usually much warmer than the deeper holes and is slammed with redfish in the afternoon hours. They are hungry, lethargic and stupid enough to gobble up anything presented properly. 

The ducks are flying. I know because i've seen plenty of them. But very few dumb enough to decoy down and give me a nice clean chance to put some meat on the dinner table. Ain't worried though. They're gonna mess up one of these days and i'll have enough feathers to tie a years worth of flies and a few breasts to sear for dinner. Waterfowl beware. You haven't broken me yet.