Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Dun Sprung...

South Louisiana finally has the monkey of old man winter off of her back. Water temps across the state have risen and stayed above the "sit still to stay alive" zone. Strong march winds and work have kept me from fishing a lot but I have made a few trips lately. My buddy Scott and I made a trip to and he enticed two gator trout to eat some supper. The big female is still swimming today.

I still haven't gotten a monster but am working on using new hardbaits and understanding how to fish them. I'd better get on the ball soon if I want to have a chance in the Cajun Grand Slam through LKFC. This CPR tournament is a fantastic format and runs all the way through to October 1st. And in other slightly related news, after about 10 months of tagging fish through the CCA's TAG Louisiana program, I got my first recapture notice. As you can see this one didn't meander too far from home. I'm 0/1 but with warm weather and spring blooming, i'm hoping to see a few more of these show up in my mailbox. I will be doing my part to stick a few more fish in the near future.
In other fishing related news, Native Watercraft is bringing the Adventure Fishing Series to Louisiana! This kind of tournament is 100% different from any other format for kayak fishing and is just up my alley. Long days, long miles are nothing new to me so I feel prepared already. There will be a regional qualifier held in Cocodrie, Louisiana on November 22nd. I will be putting in for my vacation shortly. If you wanna read about some wild times at this kind of event held in the Florida Keys, check out all 4 parts of Casey Brunning's Blog and revel in the insanity. Suffice to say this event has me excited. And if you're lazy, watch these. 
I'm hoping to have something worthwhile to talk about and take pictures of in the near future. The full moon in April is fast approaching and I now have a goal in the AFWC to work towards. Stay tuned, our season is picking up and I will be out on the water as much as my schedule allows me too.

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