Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eagle Rock Loop from Hell

First of all, shame on me for not bringing the map. But after was said and done we did all of the hardest parts of the trail and took a slight 12 mile detour and never finished the actual loop. No patches for us. But we will be back soon, with a map.
Morning day 2 with Jumper, Sockhands and Whine and Dine
Summit of Mckinley Mtn.
On top of Hurricane Knob takin a break on Spirit Rock Vista
Next to the Little Missouri River near Winding Stair
Sleepin under the tarp
There are more pictures and video but i'll post some more as I get time. And from when we go back. My photoshop will no longer work, probably because it was illegally downloaded. And I'm back in Orlando working 12+ hours everyday. Til Next time folks...

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