Sunday, January 22, 2012

Florida Fun...

Despite my expectations, the job hasn't been going too horribly here in Orlando. This is subject to change as always. On our first weekend off Nick and I went up to Ocala National Forest to do some fishing and sleeping on the ground. The fishing was bad because of the cold front that came through that day. Which brings us to the sleeping part. Me, completely unprepared came with a few shirts and a summer sleeping bag. It's florida right? That night got down to about 28*. Mighty chilly. Safe to say I didn't die but I surely wasn't warm and toasty. But we did have a run of good luck. We camped out next to a guy all alone with a houseful of gear, food, and firewood. He let us share his fire, drink his beer, enjoy a nice conversation, chill with his huge chocolate lab, and in the morning he made us coffee, had the fire going, made us whole wheat pancakes and bacon and I couldn't have been more thankful.
The next part would be the springs. Part of the forest's attraction are the springs. We went to Salt Springs to swim for a little bit. The water stays around 70* year round. The air temp was about 55*. To say it was awesome would be an understatement. To be swimming around in my underwear in january and chase fish through rocks and fissures and look for manatee was a blast.

Swimming at Salt Springs from Stephen Outten on Vimeo.

We've been doing a bit of fishing right here in Shingle Creek. I've had a bit of luck on my Tenkara rod with some of my flies tied up for panfish. Sac-a-lait, bream and even this trophy bass.
And this past weekend Nick, Gavin and I skipped over to Cocoa to spend the day surfing and not sitting around our hotel room. Good times were had and the water was surprisingly warm for january. I love the south. We rented some soft top longboards for $20 and ate some delicious seafood right next door at Jazzys Mainely Lobster.
Catching a little ride

8' Soft Top at Tables from Stephen Outten on Vimeo.

Gavin taking one for the team

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