Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eagle Rock Redemption

This weekend was amazing. Ruthie and I went back to Ouachita National Forest and completed the Eagle Rock Loop that kicked our ass over new years (see older post). This time with MAP in hand and perfect weather we set out and finished the loop in barely over 2 days. The bugs were not out and the rain held up until we reached the car. Can't ask for better conditions than that. No blisters, 1 bum knee and a Waffle House post meal add up to a beautiful weekend in the woods and by the water.

This is an Actias Luna. Crazy lookin bug
Good a shelter as any. As long as you've payed your dues to the bug gods
On top of Brush Heap Mountain. +800' vertical haul from the Athens-Big Fork Section.
Steripen, my best friend
Afternoon coffee break
Little Missouri Falls
What do you see?
Morning on Winding Stair


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Great report. Thanks!

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