Monday, April 2, 2012

The Return to Horn Island...

Around this time last year Trent, Brandt, Drew and I embarked on a paddle across the Mississippi Sound towards the barrier island 6 miles off the coast known as Horn Island. It ended up with me getting a HORRIBLE case of sunburn. This year we returned to the island but I sailed my Hobie Bravo while everyone else took the kayaks.

The first day met us with a strong W-SW wind and choppy seas. The sailing was rough but easier than paddling a 14 ft. kayak straight into the headwind. We all made landfall and endured a pretty bad storm that night. I made it out unscathed and dry. The same could not be said for the other fellas. We spent the rest of the weekend drinking beer, playing in the surf on the Beater Board, chasing black tip sharks and taking sailing lessons.

DO NOT leave home with out the Beater
Besides me breaking my block line on my Hobie things went well. Nothing a little rope and duct tape couldn't fix. I was able to limp back in on this setup. Emphasis on the limp. I Started out paddling back sunday morning. To say that paddling a 12ft. catamaran with a 19 ft sail is unwieldy is an understatement. After about 45 minutes I was getting my mind ready for a marathon of this paddling when all of the sudden the breeze started picking up and I was able to run with it and make landfall just behind everyone else.
In completely unrelated news the garden is starting to produce! I have a few Early Girl Tomatoes and some green bell peppers. Too bad I am leaving in two weeks for the AT and all my crop will be dead the day before I return. It's ok though friends, just leave a 6 pack in the beer fridge and pick all you want while i'm away.

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