Thursday, May 17, 2012

Roan Mountain Magic, First Month on Trail

The past few days from Erwin have been the best on the trail hands down. The trail kicked my ass when we went up and over Roan Mountain (6200'+). It's also the last time we'll be over a 6000 footer until New Hampshire I believe. I was by myself and after every switchback I would scream and curse at the trail I could see ahead of me because there was no reason in my mind that I should be gaining 25' ft of elevation in 20 yards.

The past two days have also been the most perfect weather we could ask for. The trail has led us over treeless mountains and humps and rambled across unnamed balds and fields with panoramic views which no camera could do justice. We slept in a converted barn overlooking a huge valley and spent half a day lounging in the grass every half mile because we couldn't get over how awesome the scenery was and how lucky we were to be there at the time. Spend some time
Looking at the pictures and try to pick out Roan Mountain and the Overmountain Shelter and tell me I am not in heaven.

We ran into some trail magic from a 4x thru-hiker named "Mofo". Coca-colas, Yuenglings, and vanilla creme cookies just sitting in a cooler awaiting some thirsty, junk food yearning hikers to walk across. It's funny how the smallest gestures can bring the biggest smiles.

We've hiked long days, played nerf football, talked until the moon was up and I have never had a better month in my entire life.

We are tenting at the Mountain Harbour B&B and headed to TrailDays in Damascus tomorrow. I can only hope the upcoming weeks are as good as the last five.

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