Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trail Daze...

I honesty thought I would take a lot more pictures than I did. We have been in Damascus, Virginia for the past 3 days for the Trail Days festival. Damascus is a little town over the border and besides the hikers coming through town in the spring doesn't seem to have much more tourism than that. Regardless the trail marches right down main street and is touted as the friendliest town on the trail. Pizza, beer, post office, dollar general, a few outfitters, and some hostels are the only thing we need to recharge after a few days and they have all that.

Trail Days is just an excuse for people who love the trail to get together and party. Nuff😜💇💋💋💋 said for me. The hiker parade is the only time in my life where its ok to throw water balloons at cop cars and the local beauty pageant winners. I had my feet washed and massaged, saw the doctors, ate free food, caught up with people we had passed and drank a few around the fire. It was a blast and I will be back next year no doubt.

We're back at the Mountain Harbour hostel for a night awaiting another delicious breakfast from Miss Mary and back to the trail tomorrow. It will be nice to see how 3 days off feel in my legs. We are having somewhat of a gentlemens race over the next 75 miles of trail back into Damascus. It should be fun and interesting to see what this turns out like.

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