Sunday, July 29, 2012

From New England...

We got out of New York. We made it through Connecticut and that completes 10 of 15 states on the trail. Massachusetts welcomed us with a torrential downpour and some steep, slick rock climbs and descents.

To backtrack a little, the end of New York was much of the same and to this point probably the most fun short state on trail. Nice climbs and even a wood fire pizza truck a few yards off the trail at a gap. Made my day much better with some hot food in the belly.

The cross over into Connecticut was uneventful but exciting in the fact that we are officially out of the Mid-Atlantic states and into New England!! Really starting to feel as of we're getting part to Maine now. Not much to say about CT. The trail magic beers outside of Kent was a nice touch. We left town with everyone warning us of possible tornados and "the storm of the century". The walk along the Housatonic River that evening we talked about if it was stupid to be in the woods that night. The storm passed with a sprinkle and a few lightning bolts. Not even enough to keep the mosquitoes or black flies away. Falls Village was a great little town to us. A huge waterfall on the outskirts of town and the Toymakers Cafe let is camp for free in the backyard. We had a few Long Trail Ales and ordered pizza and in the morning serves us up an English style bangers and mash and what could be the best cup of coffee I've had in a loooong time. The owner mentioned on the way out that there's a flash flood warning all day. Makes me think that people in CT love to tell hikers how horrible the weather is gonna be that night.

That day the rains came. We walked 22 miles into Massachusetts through the trail akin to a running river. I swear that my body has never felt better. So nice to be climbing real mountains again and be drinking from cold, clean water sources.

Lots of anticipation as we will be entering Vermont within a week and start the most difficult sections of the trail. I have never been more ready.

If anyone wants to send me a care package I am currently accepting Starbuck VIAs or you can make me some hand baked goods from Someone left us a tin of cookies in a random field in the southern berkshires and they were incredible. Feel free to bake away and I'll let you now where to send them.

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