Sunday, July 22, 2012

New York State of Climb...

We crossed over the NJ/NY border in the rain. It was a cold, dreary and the rain came down most of the day. The kind of day that you can't stop walking unless you want to be shivering. We've put in a few 20+ mile days and are truly enjoying the woods in NY.

Someone told me the trail in New York is great, but rest assured that you are going to be going right over every rock and hill from NJ-CT. A lot of open woods and tons of trail angels leaving gallons and gallons of water on the trail. We came across a group of about 20 out for a day hike from the AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club), once they found out we were thru-hiking, they were all impressed and more importantly opened up there backpacks to us. We walked away with bags of cherries, dove chocolate, home baked cookies, and some protein bars. Needless to say it made my day.

The next bit of trail magic has come
from the great Rolston family. Brendan's uncle lives not too far from Bear Mountain and opened his house to us. Mark & Monica picked us up from the trail, made us delicious meatballs and sausage, showered, laundry, and treated us far too well. I can't thank them enough for taking two strangers in and making them feel human again. And the "Daquari Whacker", I've heard a lot about it and finally experienced it. A gasoline powered blender is ridiculously awesome and made a delicious piƱa colada. Words can not express how truly appreciative I am for them taking us in and filling our bellies and backpacks full of wonderful food. Thanks Mark and Monica!!!!

We'll be entering Connecticut in a few days and I'm psyched to cross another state off the list.

New England Bound!!

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Steve Rolston said...

The daquiri whacker makes it into a newsletter about walking the Appalachian Trail. Good work, Mark! And to Stephen and Brandon, good luck on the rest of your magnificent walk. Love the photos!
Steve Rolston