Sunday, July 15, 2012

Out of PA Alive!!

The heat, the rocks, the lack of water. Pennsylvania kind of kicked my butt. I have never been so glad to make it to New Jersey. That being said PA had some really fun and cool sections of trail. The Superfund climb out of Palmerton was the best 1000' climb of the trail so far. Hand over fist rock scrambling up the side of the mountain was a blast. Just had to be sure not to look back too often. For once I believe the pictures do the climb a bit of justice. The rest of PA went down in a few days. Not easily however. "80 miles of hell" wasn't the most fun section of the trail. Walking over sharks teeth and football sized rocks for 15-20 miles a day isn't my idea of fun.

But for now we're takin it easy at a lake house in NJ and going bass fishing with Banjo's dad and carbo loading. Will post non-hike pictures later.

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