Sunday, September 9, 2012

Monson, the Last Stop...

We hiked 2 long days to get to a hiker feed put on by the guy that owns The first day out of Caratunk we cruised to the top of Moxie Blad Mtn. with about 17 miles under our belt to watch the sun go down. We planned to cowboy camp up there and although it wasn't 100% clear, and despite the sustained 25+ mph winds, we made dinner and snuggled into our sleeping bags. A few times during the night I woke up and peaked out of my bag to take a look at the stars as they came and went between the clouds.

The morning woke us up and we were socked in the clouds with the wind was blowing about 40 mph. It was no condition to enjoy a sunrise or a cup of coffee so we packed up our wet gear and got off the mountain as fast as we could. We hiked the 20 miles to Monson through nasty mud as fast as possible.

This is the last town before we enter the 100 mile wilderness and arrive at the base of Mt. Katahdin. For the next week we will be in the most remote, and undisturbed section of the trail. No resupply, no roads, no towns, nothing.

The next time I check in here, the trail will be over. Five months of my life walking north. 2200 miles behind me.

I will see everyone soon. : )

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