Thursday, September 6, 2012

More from Maine...

The trip is coming to an end. I have 10 days until summiting Katahdin and I'll be back in Lafayette in 2 weeks. This is all to crazy but back to trail life. I'm sitting at the Kennebec River Brewery thinking about the last 150 miles ahead of me and how the heck 2000+ miles are behind me. The mountains we've had to climb have been pretty tame and we spent an entire day fording rivers over our waist and walking up to our knees in water for 18 miles. A rain band left over from a hurricane turned every water source and creek into a raging river. It was incredibly fun but all the pictures and videos are on the GoPro.

We're heading to Monson this weekend to enjoy out last Zero day before we start the Hundred mile Wilderness.

I'm going to get a beer and sit in the hot tub.

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