Thursday, August 30, 2012


I walked to Maine. The thought still does not make sense in my head. I started waking in Georgia, now I'm in Maine. Walking into Maine is not the end of the work. Southern Maine has proved to be one of the tougher sections of trail. The "hardest mile" on trail is the Mahoosuc Notch, which is a pit of boulders and rocks bigger than minivans and you just have to go through it. I would bid for the "funnest mile" of trail. There are some parts where you strip off your pack and throw it through a crevasse, the slither like a snake towards the light on your belly until you get to the other side. Mucho fun.

The Mahoosuc Range is nothing to shake a stick at and it receives far less trail maintenance and considerably less travel. Steep climbs up slabs of granite that would turn into a waterslide if the weather turned south. Rebar ladders up sheer rock faces confront you instead of a well graded trail. Its a blast but its a energy killer. We've it to Rangeley and the lady that gave us a hitch into town didn't drop us off at the hotel before insisting that she buy us all lunch. Mrs. Judy is a trail angel and she's on vacation up here! Good people in Maine is all i've found so far. The lakes and ponds of Maine are incredible and the scenery is just awesome. Not much else to say.

We are fast approaching our summit date of September 16th and this is still not real. Hopefully I can soak in these last few weeks with the good people I've met on this trail and continue enjoying the walk towards Katahdin.

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