Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Whites, Round 2...

Ok, yes the Whites will slow you down. For one reason or another. The climbs are steep, rocky and unforgiving. The views on good days are nothing short of amazing and the descents are long enough to buckle even the toughest knees.

The hut system in the Whites are a lot of fun and a good way to waste time away and take in the views. Gorging on leftovers from the guests for dinner and breakfast are a sure fire way to slow down the mileage. All in all the time spent up here has been incredible. Cowboyin' on top of Mt
Garfield, whiffling on Wildcats cliffs, the incredible ridgeline walks on Franconia and all of the presidential range are all memories engrained in my brain forever.

We joke that we wasted a lot of time walking from Georgia to New Hampshire when we could have just come straight here and gotten the best part done with. There's hundreds of miles of trails out here to explore later in life. I'm getting much more short winded on this blog but I think I just hate typing long paragraphs on this iPhone.

We are fixin' to walk into MAINE this weekend!!! The last and final state! It's crazy to think this trip will be coming to a close in a few weeks but I am ready to stand atop of Mt. K!

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Anonymous said...

Rowan here. Yeah, I was looking forward to the New England leg of the trail the most. And while I'm grateful that I'll have saved this section for a later time, it's fantastic to see your journey becoming ever more epic. Rock on, guys. Bring on the Maine pics.