Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Weekend of Potential Losses...

Not every trip works out perfectly. Sometimes you just suck it up and hope for better luck next go round. Saturday I woke up with an itch to fish. I launched at Mcgee's Landing on the basin and planned to scout out part of the anococo canal on the lake and see what I could find. I found some bass, they just weren't taking what I was giving. Being in a new area didn't help. Every bass hangout spot was found a few feet too late as I slinked up on them with my boat and sent them diving into the weeds. As the sun started to set, they started liking my flies. I fished a black/chartreuse clouser minnow but in an odd way. They would only hit it if it was cast out and skittered on the surface. I hooked up with a few and while trying to hand-line a big daddy to the boat (USE THE NET DUMMY!), the bass dove under the boat and broke off my 4x tippet and took the clouser with it! Lesson learned, tight lines and quick nets. A few of the other bass I hooked came off during the fight. A bad day in my boat is still better than a god day elsewhere. 

GoPro screen grab of the Yamame throwing a fly
The fish putting a bend in the rod
Split second after I realized I lost the fish, womp womp
No fish, Good paddling
Sunday found me back in my hiking shoes. I wanted to test some new(ish) gear and put some miles beneath my feet. Ruthie and I went out to Clark Creek for the day. Within 20 minutes of leaving the car I managed to lose my brand new Native sunglasses off the top of my head. As soon as I realized it I backtracked on the trail to find them to no avail. I wrote them off, caught back up and we slipped and slid up and down the trail in a rain shower. The sun came out, the trail stayed slick and we both took a few good falls during the hike. At the fork to the parking lot I ran down the trail to look one more time for my glasses. After a few minutes I turned around slightly bummed out to lose ANOTHER pair of nice glasses. On the way back to the car, tucked behind a tree partly blocked from the opposite direction sat my glasses. My good karma must have been on my side.

Clark Creek, Mississippi colors in the fall
Tired, Muddy, Smiling

Thats another weekend report of losses. Fish, glasses, whatever. Life is still good, but please god don't let the Redskins lose RG3.

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