Thursday, February 28, 2013

Point Aux Chene Again..

With all the crappy weather lately it was a long time coming for good conditions to come back to the marsh. The past few trips i've taken have been in really crappy conditions and turned out the same. After a few days of rain and gloom the weather broke and offered what I saw as a good day to take a trip down south. My buddy cancelled on me at the last minute but I was still set on making the trip back to Point Aux Chene. Sunny, 60's, light(ish) winds and high water was all I needed to get going down hwy. 90.
It was about 11 oclock when I started fishing and hit a few usual spots. Down one of my favorite canals I put a rat-l trap on a big redfish. More of a reaction strike but a hookset is a hookset. This 25" bad boy ran and thrashed for about 5 minutes until settling into the net. I was felling pretty good at this point not being on the water for very long. I worked some more points and cuts and spooked a few fish but the wind was turning and I needed to find a sheltered cove or shoreline of some sort.
 I paddled to a canal and jumped out of my boat and pulled it over some marsh grass and settled into a sheltered pond. The water was crystal clear and slick calm. Finger mullets were running and kicking everywhere I could see with every paddle stroke. The next thing I see is a long canal that is like glass on the surface and deep. About 4 feet deep. After a few fish hitting the surface I broke out the soft plastics and went to work. bump, bump, reel, bump bump, repeat. There were trout sitting on bottom and they were killing my paddletails. Only problem was they were spitting the hook in my face every time. Once they stopped biting i'd move down the canal and fish until it wasn't working anymore. I put 2 keeper specks in the cooler and lost who knows how many countless others. In the distance I saw a few waking redfish so I switched modes and went after them instead. Another red in the cooler, a few rascal reds thrown back and it was back to get some of those trout I left on bottom. My boat was wedged on top of a steep drop off near a T with the chicken on a chain bouncing off bottom and the flounders were hitting hard and then coming off. Only one fish away from my first cajun slam it was hard to lose a flounder 1 foot away from the net. The flounder eludes me still .
The wind was picking up and I made my way back to the marina and fished a few more of my spots and picked up another rat red. It was time to go. 4 nice fish in the cooler, a bunch lost and a few thrown back is an excellent day for me. The weather held out long enough and the marsh treated me well. After many busted trips I feel like I am learning how to fish the salt. Still a long way to go but this trip is another step in the right direction. I'm going back to PAC the next chance I get!

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