Sunday, February 17, 2013

Toledo bend...

 Spent the past weekend in South Toledo bend State Park camping with friends. I brought the Cuda and my buddy Matt and I had hopes of getting on some of the famous largemouths that live in the reservoir. We arrived late friday night and put up the tents in the dark. The wind was howling and it was cold. An early morning wake up had us on the water around 8am. It was still COLD and the wind was blowing 10-20 mph. We tucked up into a few coves and tried everything from worms, to spinners and rat-l traps. Matt picked up a nice 16" bass off a point after a few hours. We paddled to a few more coves and fought the wind and BIG chop but went fishless for the rest of the weekend.

The water in the reservoir is clear and beautiful. When the bass are on and the weather is calm it will be a great place to spend a weekend in a tent. We all had a good time and spent a night around the fire so all was not lost. We were also lucky enough to see a few bald eagles throughout the weekend. It was cool to see them swooping down to play with the huge pack of pool'do that would all up and fly with the sight of the incoming eagle. I never realized how huge an eagle could was until two of them were gliding right over my head as I sat working a worm out of a weedbed.

 Chicken fajitas cowboy style

 Spooking the pooldo's 
Until next time, i'm going back to the marsh to chase some spotted tails this week. But this past weekend was fun and reminds me to spend more nights in my tent. I wont approach the 180+ nights in a sleeping bag like last year, but I do plan on taking advantage of the cooler weather while it's here. The  heat will be back before we know it so there is no better time than now to get out of the house. Just go.

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