Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Like Christmas...

Every so often a wave of gear that has been on the market for awhile finally finds its way across my computer screen and my inner gear nerd takes over. This starts a chain reaction of mental upgrades. Usually followed directly by a selling of all the old gear that hasn't seen the action I had hoped for. This is a post for someone with more time than things to do.

1. Luminaid: This is this one of those humanitarian effort projects in the same vain as buying a pair of Tom's shoes, but I think this one is pretty slick. A solar chargeable light bag that provides ambient light and never needs batteries. Do go on. I can see this as a nifty tent light for setting up in the dark or to read a map or book. This can also double as a lantern for night fishing or paddling. As much as I deny it i'm still a sucker for things like this. Immediately after things like the recent typhoon in the Phillipines the relief effort kicks up to help those in need. I bought one of these through the "Give Light, Get Light" program. I hope the person on the receiving side of this program really needs this product. It would certainly make me feel like less of a gear mongerer.

2. Upgraded my whole fly rod setup. TFO Professional Series II with a Lamson Velocity 3 reel. Teeny fly line. So clean.
3. The Big Tuna is for sale to make room in the armada for this baby. More on that one later on.
4. This isn't an all gear rant. I've been in the woods and on the waters lately as well.
For the truly bored and boring you can sit and watch all of these videos hand picked by me: