Saturday, November 23, 2013

Jackson Big Tuna For Sale...

For sale is my 2013 Jackson Big Tuna. It has been slightly used and shows a few scrapes and scratches on the hull from parking lots and oyster beds. Everything is in excellent condition. This boat is a hauler and surprisingly fast and efficient for it's length and weight. The tuna can be rigged up in solo or tandem seating and the 'Hi-Lo" options for both seats.

So the boat will come fully rigged out for fishing and hunting from the get go. I have installed the "Choupique" anchor system. Harken roller blocks on the front and back drop and bring up two home made, low stacked 4.5lb weights. One on the front right and one on the back left. Simple jam rope cleats lock the anchors in position.

This boat will also come with a rudder. An option that most people do not spring for when buying a new boat. After you use one for recreational paddling or fishing you will wonder why you ever went without one. This is usable in both solo or tandem mode by slipping the wires in and out and moving the foot boards forwards or backwards as needed.

A cool feature of the Big Tuna is the "Tuna Tank". I don't fish live bait so this was a storage well for me. The tank can be accessed through the front or back an in both seating positions. This tank allows you to keep live shrimp or minnows fresh and chipper with a few holes drilled and NO ELECTRONICS REQUIRED! The movement of the boat through the water cycles fresh water and oxygen through the baitwell. Can also be used as a livewell for your catch!

So this is the real reason I purchased the boat. I wanted a big, stable platform to scoot up into the marshes or woodholes and be able to shoot ducks!
I built a duck blind out of 2 PVC frames strapped to the bow and the stern. Camo'd them out with some spray paint and secured them with camo carabiners to eyelets installed on the hull. 
 Both the front and rear have separate covers that strap into eyelets and bungee down to the hull to secure them. This opens up the sides of the kayak to paddle to your duck hole and/or to retrieve your downed waterfowl.
 The blind is made up of Mossy Oak duck blind burlap and sewed by me to be custom fit for each section. This can easily be brushed up with some grass or brush with a few minutes and a hatchet.
The blind can be used solo or in tandem mode. Sit back to back and shoot 360*. Go solo and creep up like a floating log into the duck hideouts.

Everything goes with this boat. Rudder, seats, anchor system, duck blind and supports. This boat is perfect for a big guy who wants a lot of room to shoot and fish and would make a sportsman very happy for christmas. $1900 cash for everything. $1800 gets you the everything except the duck blind accessories. Face to face transaction anywhere in the Acadiana area. The boat will be delivered clean, to your home. Any questions please email me or message me through here. Thanks for looking and I hope this can make someone happy.