Sunday, November 3, 2013

Out, About & Trout Lately...

Catching speckled trout has never been a strong point for me. Must be something about locating fish in open water. I've always felt more comfortable in a tight marsh poling around in a few inches of water chasing redfish. Nonetheless trout fishing in the fall and winter is near and dear to a lot of anglers in Louisiana. Cypremort Point is the nearest jump off point for those of us that live in Lafayette and i've been frequenting the state park as of late. Slowly putting together the pieces of the puzzle for those yellow mouthed beauties. It feels like learning to fish all over again!

Not the best speck wrangler right now but i've been putting some filets away and by the end of the winter, I will be a more rounded and skilled fishermen. These fish have been somewhat of a mystery to me and it is time to figure them out. The what's, wheres, and why's are all new to me and it is a new challenge that i'm more than willing to take on.  The Hobie and I will be spending a lot of time together as the temperatures drop and Vermillion Bay is invaded by herds of our toothy friends.
Oh and I caught a bull shark. On topwater. That is defenitely a first.