Monday, January 13, 2014


Everyone who has a suspect memory like mine learns to write everything down lest you want to forget it. So i've compiled a list of goals for myself to work towards in the outdoor sector for the new year.

1. Big Trout 
Trout were more of a mystery fish for me last year. If I caught one it was more of a by-catch than a targeted species. After a lot of listening, reading, learning and fishing, I'd like to target more of these speckled beauties and make a concerted effort to catch a few big ones for the CCA Star Tournament. There are a large number of good ol' boys that target big trout like they won't breathe without it. I'm sure those trophy hunters will still put in the work and take home the cake, but I'll make a good effort this year to hook a few gator trout. And get a few for the skillet.

2. More Redfish on Fly
Self eplanatory. Add in exploring the limits of the new Native Slayer Propel

3. Freshwater Fishing
With the world class marsh fishing across our state, we forget that we have access to one of the largest swamp basins in the country. Bream, Sac-a-lait and some green trout all within a 30 minute drive from the house. I'd like to make more than a handful of trips to the swamp and fight some little fish for a change. 

4. John Muir Trail Thru-Hike
I didn't do a lot of hiking in 2013. Probably do to the absolute overload of hiking i'd done in the years previous and up my AT thru-hike. I'd liken a guess and say that I walked around 3,000 miles between 2011-2012. Taking a little break from it makes me want to get back out there not just for a weekend rounder, but for a long distance trek. The JMT through Yosemite is consistently near the top of anyones hiking lists and it is calling my name. Guarding any hiccups or curveballs from life and work, I should be leaving 295 prints through the valley at the end of summer. 

5. Spring Turkey Hunting
What the heck do I know about turkey hunting? Nothing. But what did I know about duck hunting before throwing myself into the marsh and seeing what happened. I've seen some wild turkeys on the Wild Azalea Trail before so why not get deep into the woods for a weekend and try to bag a gobbler. Worse thing that can happen is me and a few buddies spend the weekend camping and enjoying some woods therapy. 

6. Ducks, Ducks, Ducks
In a few weeks the season will be over and i'll have about 9 months to stew and get ready for another season. My first year behind a shotgun has planted the waterfowl seed for years to come. With another year to read, shoot, talk and think about the next season i'm already psyched for 2014 opening day.

There, now I won't forget to do all of these things over the next year.